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The Pointer Club has really pulled out the stops this year and delivered a fantastic array of events as specials for our discerning membership to enjoy.

The Art Gallery at the Kennel Club was the third event in the Golden Anniversary celebration calendar and this was organised by Aidine Howes and the Pointer Club in conjunction with the Valerie Foss and her wonderful team in charge of the Gallery and Library Panel. They are: Valerie Foss; Ciara Farrell; Luisa Pontello and Paul Macbeth.

Our very generous members have supported this initiative by sending valuable pieces from their private collections, precious art work, bronze models, porcelain and ephemera for other Club Members and all of dogdom to view in the most congenial surroundings.  It really is worth the trip because as such, it will never be seen again in this setting.

The day began with Aidine and Valerie  awaiting the arrival of guests in the foyer each signing the visitors book and then Stephen Green guided them to the fourth floor and on into the Members Club House where Mick Howes one of our Life Members greeted all and purchased a drink for everyone. John Coggins our Committee Chairman was on hand too

The very pleasant surroundings of the Club House and dining room display many other works of art from which many are depicted in the publication “Treasures of the Kennel Club”.  

The Pointer Club via Aidine Howes and Gail Simmons had arranged a pre launch lunch for committee and exhibitors together with special Kennel Club guests.  KC Club House Manager John Golding, Chef Donna and Maitre d’; Joan and her staff organised a really special lunch for  us all; the menu was exceptionally well presented and staff were welcoming and helpful;  this was much appreciated and a truly superb four course lunch  was enjoyed by everyone.

Kennel Club guests included the Chairman Ronnie Irving, Vice Chairman Michael Townsend, who is also chairman of the KC Charitable Trust,   Mrs Valerie Foss, (Gallery and Library Panel) and Dr Ron James (KC General Committee Member).

After lunch twenty five Pointer Club Members and guests made their way to the Gallery and were greeted with Champagne and nibbles, KC guests here included contemporary artists Sue Driver and Jo Camplin; who had pieces exhibited and for sale;  advisors from the British Museum, General Committee members and more.  

The gallery is quite a sight in its own right:  As you enter the first chamber it is beautifully lit enhancing the marvellous and permanent KC Collection and a (or should I say the!) the silver Field Trial Setter and Pointer Pure Type Brace Challenge Trophy was gleaming on the table, most notably won by Arkwright himself!  The Crufts BIS trophy is also displayed together with a cabinet full of porcelain plates depicting our beautiful breed; this was placed just inside the door (nearest to the Champagne).

All of the Pointer Club guests had been invited to the Launch later in the afternoon by the Kennel Club; At 14.30 Valerie Foss welcomed everyone to the launch of the exhibition by saying that ours, the Pointer Club,  was the18th collection since the gallery opened some 5 years ago and each exhibition was of great quality, Valerie was particularly pleased with ours too, thanking Aidine for finding and collecting the exhibits and the owners for supporting the venture with their treasures, also the Kennel Club staff Paul Macbeth, Ciara Farrell and Luisa Pontello who had been responsible for the final display.   We were very kindly allowed to take photographs which others clearly will not be able to do, as the notice in the gallery strictly forbids this.  

It really was overwhelming to walk into the main gallery and see the beautiful and sometimes priceless works of art, the piece that caught everyone’s eye immediately was the amazing dressing screen with 3 paintings by George Earl; these are Ch Hamlet; Ch Bang and Ch Drake dated 1868.  How utterly fabulous!

Amelia Siddle our budding breed specialist artist was a very welcome member of our guest list along with her very proud mother Annette, with two of Amelia’s original signed pieces included therein.

Major Cowan and the late Toddy Cowan kindly exhibited some of The Scotney Kennel Collection which formerly belonged to the late Lord Rank,  these mean such a lot to the breed and the Pointer Club.  The 12th of August by George Stretton Ferrier; Ch Pennine Prima Donna by Reuben Ward Binks; our breed record holder Sh Ch Stonebridgelees Sultana by P Anderson and many more to delight and charm everyone.  Art exhibits included Bonnygate, Crookrise, Cumbrian, Fowington, Hurwyn, Kiswahili, Medogold, Peakdale, Scotney, Stonebridgelees, Tarstones, Wilchrimane and others.

The Library was also open for visitors with Ciara and staff helpfully guiding Pointer Club Members around and pointing out the benefits for research and breed history.

The famous Arkwright “Bible” was on display in a special cabinet as this precious book is priceless to the breed.  Also on display were some of the Pointer Club Trophies including the wine cooler presented to the Club in 1960 by the American Pointer Club and the BIS Presidents Bronze made by Arthur Egglestone (Pennine).

Although the Pointer Club roots can be traced back as far as 1895 the modern formation of the Club was 1960.  Happy birthday to the Pointer Club, and many thanks from appreciative members for the wonderful events that have taken place so far this year.

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The exhibition continues until November 12th and viewings should be booked by appointment through the KC.

The Pointer Club is also hosting a viewing day on the 15th September 2010 a few places are still available if you are interested please contact The Secretary.  

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