The Pointer Club

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The Pointer Club Committee

Honorary President: Meryl Asbury

Committee Chair: Mary McBurnie

Hon Secretary: Aidine Howes

Hon Treasurer: TBC

Hon FT Secretary: Carole Brown

Committee Members

Mrs Julie Best, Mrs Amanda Brooksmith, Mrs Patricia Eldridge,

Mrs Aidine Howes,  Mrs Mary MacBurnie,  Mrs Lorna Lambert

Mrs Tracey Moore,   Ms Karen Sillince

 Mr Steve Mitchell, Mr Tom Gorrian, Mr Mark Heighway

Judging  Sub-Committee

  Mrs Julie Best, Mrs Aidine Howes,   Mrs Mary MacBurnie,   Ms Karen Sillince

Health Sub-Committee

 Mrs Aidine Howes,

 Alice Pawson BVSc MRCVS

Field Trial Standing Committee

  Mr David Amsden, Mr David Hall , Mrs Carole Brown ,   Mr Peter O'Driscoll , Mrs Heather Smith ,                    Mr Steve Lound