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As the song says “Oh What A Night”  the 20th February was, when The Pointer Club Super Match “Contest of Champions” took place by kind permission of The Kennel Club at the Chesford Grange Hotel, Warwick., this was to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of the Club. It was a very special evening and one I was very proud to take part in organising.  Guests of Honour were Ron James, Stuart Bell, Jock Mackay and Maureen Mackay who have always helped the Club.   It was chance to say thank you to the breed, although sadly the other breed club secretaries were unable to attend. Everyone had dressed for the occasion and when the guests assembled in the foyer they all looked so lovely, the guys in their DJ’s and ladies glittering like film stars - with handlers rushing off to change into their “ball gowns” following the competition.  It was a very spacious hall and the audience was seated at their table ringside.  106 Members and friends took advantage of this very special evening and were treated to a spectacle any breed would have been proud of.  The event was covered by specialist “Our Dogs “  photographer: Bill Moores.  The commentator for the evening was Chris Bexon and what a fabulous job he made by researching the breed, taking care on pronunciation of the dogs names and delivering a commentary that was fitting for any evening. A security guard was on hand to oversee the cage area whilst we supped.

The Contest started at 5pm when the dogs were drawn for competition by Linda Wilson, Janet Richards and Carolyn O’Neill.

The judges had been kept a secret until the night and The Pointer Club should be applauded for its choice:  ALL breed specialist – at present non active in the show ring – and between them over almost 150 years of combined knowledge of our breed

They were Malcolm Leslie (Carlatton/Stonebridgelees), Julie Organ (Fernglen) and Shirley Rhodes (Hazelbarrow).  The atmosphere was wonderful, friendly and welcoming.  At roughly 6pm Chris Bexon introduced the evening and the draw took place to decide who would judge what.  Julie took Veteran, Shirley Dogs and Malcolm the bitches.

Taking part with only their pet names and an anecdote read out were:


Sh Ch Bonnygate Gunns A Blazing JW – handled by Linda Wilson

Sh Ch Casilex Bucks Fizz JW Sh CM – Lynette Knowles

Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Hookwood Top Man JW – Sue Welch

Sh Ch Manchella Innuendo – Peter Pavey

Sh Ch Medogold Midnight Romeo JW – Mick Howes

Sh Ch Tzaziki Diamond Royale JW – Pauline Smith


Sh Ch Billsboroughs Bright Moon JW (Absent)

Sh Ch Crookrise Macawley at Galema – Gail Simmons

Sh Ch Crookrise Rhum – Helga Edmondson

Sh Ch Joneva Shooting Star – Elaine Wilson

Sh Ch Kiswahili Martin at Kanix – Joanne Blackburn Bennett

Sh Ch Tomlow Brief Encounter JW – Karen Sillince

Sh Ch Jilony Believe In Sunhouse Sh CM – Ruth Martin

Sh Ch Tawbarn Star Eclipse at Fleurfield JW- Lyn Hinton


Ch & Ir Ch Aurichalcum The Avenger JW – Linda Westron

Sh Ch Hookwood Pretty Woman by Fleurfield JW – Lyn Hinton

Ch Peakdale Joy of Kelval (Absent)

Sh Ch Porschett Midnight Affair at Medogold JW – Kirsten Bond


Sh Ch Chesterhope North N Breeze – Heather Blackburn Bennett

Ch Crookrise White Lace – Helga Edmondson

Sh Ch Flinthill Wild Thyme JW – Flo Barker

Ch Hurwyn Eau De Cologne – Sue Wilkinson

Sh Ch Joneva Waiting In The Wings JW – John Evans

Sh Ch Medogold Sunny Daze JW – Stephanie Smith

Sh Ch Medogold Vanilla Fudge – Stephanie Smith

Sh Ch Penwest Paza – Penny Westaway

Sh Ch Shanandi Fire Opal JW – Barbara Cherry

Sh Ch Sunhouse Ice Dancer JW – Rebecca Martin

Ch Woodfleet Siennarain – Joan Huxley

Sh Ch Dovehayes Facsimile JW Sh CM– Lynette Knowles

Sh Ch Sharnphilly Complimentary – Sam Dyer

The Winners were:

BEST IN MATCH John Evans & Stephen Rawlings homebred b/w and 2009 Top Pointer was - Sh Ch Joneva Waiting In The Wings JW

Sired By Sh Ch Medogold Midnight Romeo JW x Sh Ch Joneva Regal Impact JW

RESERVE BEST IN MATCH  Kari Wilberg & Joanne Blackburn Bennett’s o/w

Sh Ch Kiswahili Martin at Kanix  Sired by Multi Ch Chesterhope’s Lets Be Serious at Kanix x Wyndsmoor Gold Lace of Kiswahili  bred by Royston & Carolyn Walkling

29 entries from the original 31  “Big Guns” lined up in match formation to challenge each other and one by one were eliminated from the competition  sadly Ch Peakdale Joy of Kelval had an operation on her foot just a few days before and  Glynis Marsh apologised for Sh Ch Billsboroughs Bright Moon JW on the day.  It was a shame that these two had to miss out

The veteran dogs were first and Sh Ch Manchella Innuendo owned by Peter Pavey and Michael Masters took the lead here challenging Kiswahili Martin of Kanix for the best dog with Kiswahili Martin at Kanix declared B D.  Then the girls Sh Ch Hookwood Pretty Woman by Fleurfield JW owned by Lyn Hinton took top spot in Veteran bitch and later challenged Joneva Waiting In the Wings for Best Bitch

I must say our finalists looked stunning and had been so well presented by their owner/handlers

Congratulation to John Evans for handling his bitch Joneva Waiting In The Wings to what must be one of the highlights of her career “Champion of Champions”  she has 11 CCs was Gundog Group 4 at Crufts 2008 and Gundog Group 3 at Southern Counties 2009

Then came the “Parade of Champions” with the rousing music of Mendelssohn’s 5th ; Gail Simmons led with Sh Ch Crookrise Macawley and 28 followed on to massive applause  each doing a lap of honour as their names were read out it was AWESOME! – I doubt I will see such a spectacle again.

Then the meal was piping hot and served with great efficiency.  The loyal toast and of course, the after dinner speeches.  John Coggins; The Committee Chairman thanked everyone and explained the fund raising that had been necessary to make the evening possible. Then Dr Ronald James (Jasmorne); who has always supported the Club and its Members responded on behalf of the guests, saying that the Pointer Club was rather like Dr Who, it had first been formed 123 years ago and was now in its 3rd re-incarnation!

Malcolm & Betty Leslie had donated a very special bottle of Malt this was their own blend and bore a picture of their breed record holder Sh Ch Stonebridgelees Sultana on the label.  This was for a closest to the bottle roll and proceeds will go to the Pointer Club’s “Lois & Yola Health & Welfare Fund” this raised £109 and Helga’s partner David Golding won by a whisker – Apparently this is not to be drunk but kept as a collector piece.

The Sub committee of Bernard Davis, Aidine Howes, John Coggins & Carolyn O’Neill pulled out all the stops for the committee and a jolly good evening was had by all, although sadly on the night Bernard was unable to attend as he has been unwell and was unable to make the journey.

Trish Eldridge managed to attend the Contest after thankfully avoiding an unscheduled appointment with the grim reaper last Christmas and spending those 7 weeks in hospital. Trish has asked me to thank everyone for their prayers, letters, flowers and cards etc as she wanted to let you know how much this had meant to her.  Especially she has asked me to publicly thank her friend Penny Westaway who took charge of her dogs, whelping her bitch and generally taking care of everything.  The breed is proud of you Penny.  This shows us all what friends are for!

Supermatch Contest of Champions by Aidine Howes
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